Strategic aspects of the interaction of the European Union
with the civil society of Russia

Mission of the project

Promote mutual understanding between the populations of the Member States of the European Union and Russia through

— improving teaching and intensifying scientific research on the development of relations between civil society in Russia and the European Union;

— preparation and conduct of educational and scientific events that generate interest in the problems of interaction between the Russian Federation and the EU;

— involving civil society actors in a discussion about the benefits that partnership relations between Russia and the European Union can bring;

— strengthening the potential of public diplomacy. 

Authors of the project

Egorov Alexandr Igorovich

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Expert of APN-NN, Chairman of the Expert Council for Social and Economic Development of the city of og. Dzerzhinsk at the head of the city

Zakirova Adelia Zhamilevna

Ph.D. in Philosophy, specialist in the formation of ethnic tolerance

Student asset of the project

Markin Alexandr

Student of DPI NSTU, future database engineer

Guseva Valentina

Student of DPI NSTU, future specialist in the field of information systems and technologies


Nizhny Novgorod region, Dzerzhinsk

st. Gaidar, 49, office. 1455